Bath’s brilliant at any time…


You would expect us to say that Bath’s brilliant at any time of year (because it is!), but it’s also true that Easter in Bath is a time to be especially relished, and the things to do at Easter which we mention here will inevitably be somewhat partial and limited by space.

Bath’s currently the UK’s 11th most visited city by international visitors; the US, Australia, Germany, China and Holland are all particularly well represented, especially in the summer months. Easter this year is the long, Friday-to-Monday weekend of April 7th-10th, and if you’ve yet to hatch plans, we’d urge you to get cracking.

The City’s Spas are rightly renowned, our thermal waters are UNESCO-accredited and we’re members of the exclusive Great Spa Towns of Europe project. You can find out more and book yourself in here.

Our Abbey’s not only an amazing, steeped-in-history building in its own right, but it also, from the tower, offers truly beautiful, far-reaching views of the city. Passageways, a great vaulted ceiling, a hidden room, a spiral staircase: why not take a tour and soak it all in?

In fact, so much of Bath’s architecture is stand-out special and picture-perfect, it’s hard to narrow down your options, but perhaps one of the best places to offer a snapshot – and a romantic, photographable one at that – is Pulteney Bridge. It was built in 1769, is one of only four worldwide to have shops across its full span on both sides, and now, over 250 years since opening, is still one of the most striking, iconic and beautiful examples of Georgian architecture.

(It feels almost unfair to be singling any one place out at the expense of another, so let’s just say The Royal Crescent, The Circus, Prior Park Landscape Garden and The Assembly Rooms – as well as many others – are all also worthy of your energy and attention.)

The arts of all kinds have a long and varied heritage too. We’ve told you previously about Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, (no reason not to remind you, though) and of course there’s the Jane Austen Centre to celebrate the life and works of our most celebrated literary resident. But culturally, of course, however much the city’s associated with long-dead greats, it’s equally home to a thriving live performance scene, whether it’s theatre or music or comedy you crave.

And while it should maybe go without saying, we’ll add that at any time of year Bath’s a compact, walkable, lively hive of any number of places to eat (formally and informally), drink (fine ales to fancy cocktails), shop (independently, sustainably, surprisingly) and simply mosey with wide-open eyes and slightly dropped jaws (we’ve tried to highlight individual attractions, but honestly, it’s a team game, and the whole of the city is outstanding … )

Looking for somewhere to stay during Easter in Bath? Look no further than the Queensberry Hotel, where we have rooms to make you feel perfectly at home yet utterly indulged.