Bath is regularly, and increasingly, a reliably rich source of cultural goodness year round, but never more so than in the summer months. And while the city continues to offer up attractions of the kind you might expect – classical music, high art, exhibits at the Fashion Museum, established theatre – it also beats to a more diverse drum than ever, whether your interest lies in DJ sets, spoken word or fresh new comedy.


This year’s Bath Festival is the 70th, and they’re celebrating by, well, seeming to make it bigger, better, richer and starrier than ever before. From Professor Green to Lionel Shriver, from Haydn recitals to spoken word via Roddy Doyle, Robert Webb, a whole F-rated Feminist theme as well as a big finale featuring Robert Plant, Tears for Fears, Imelda May and Alison Moyet, among many others.


It runs right the way from 11 – 27 May, incorporating talks, walks, workshops, gigs, readings, teachings, recitals, the works. Party in the City’s part of it (an unfeasible number of live shows all on the same night) and then the Bath Fringe picks up the baton at the end of May and runs until 10 June. And don’t forget the annual Jane Austen too; that also becomes bigger by the year, but we’ll let you know more about nearer the time, it happens in September.