You’ve had culinary delights, perhaps a tipple or two, and the late evening sun softly ricochets off the warm Bath stone – feeling sleepy yet? The Queensberry Hotel calls your name…

Proving that hard work does indeed pay off, our team are delighted to announce that we have been selected by the editors of  The Good Hotel Guide as one of the UK’s winners of the Editor’s choice top Boutique City Hotels 2015.


The guide commented on the hotel as “An excellent place to stay”, praising the city location as “central but very quiet”. As well as the hotel itself, employees were applauded on the exceptional service they provide, with the guide describing them as “a team of happy, relaxed, helpful staff”. The Queensberry experience is not complete without a trip to The Olive Tree Restaurant where the guide insists “dinner was outstanding”.


The Good Hotel Guide is the foremost independent guide to hotels in Great Britain and Ireland. It is written purely for the reader, seeking impartial and objective advice on finding a good place to stay. Unlike some guides available, hotels cannot financially influence the decision for entry and is therefore completely, and authentically reliable. Winners’ accolades are proudly exhibited in lobbies, grand entrance halls and receptions all across Great Britain and coming soon to yours truly!

When you’re treating yourself, set no limits – indulge in lavish food at The Olive Tree, enjoy the best wines in England and drinks at the Old Q Bar and rest your head in one of 29 sympathetically renovated boutique chic rooms by clicking here for the ultimate award-winning dine & stay experience!