Around and about Bath

Around and About Bath

So, you have booked your room at our fabulous hotel. What next?

Allow us to help. If you haven’t been to a new city before, we know how daunting it can be to devise an itinerary and know where to visit.

Our concierge can advise on where is best in the city, but our partnership with Around and About Bath ensures that you can go on specially tailored tours that will tick off every sight on your sight-seeing wish list.

Think of the weir, architectural gems such as the Royal Crescent and much more.

“We create personalised, immersive journeys for world-curious, discerning travellers looking to connect with the past and discover authentic England.
Each of our inclusive tours are carefully researched, planned and designed to allow you to go beyond the ordinary and connect with the history, stories, experiences, places and people that make our city so special. “

All you need to do is book your room directly with the hotel and then ask the reservations team for a reward code – expressing your interest in an Around and About Bath Tour will suffice. You will then receive a discount when booking any experience with Around and About Bath.

Contact us here for your reward code.

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