Meet The Team | The Queensberry Hotel In Bath

When it comes to Bath hotels, our establishment stands out in the city due to its independent ownership, unique flair and exceptional team. In our latest blog series, we will be introducing you to our fantastic and hardworking team members; first up is our Hotel Manager, Magaly.


We stole ten or so minutes of her time as she was attending to business in our beautiful drawing room – a few guests had just checked out, so we saw the perfect opportunity to have a chat.


Good morning Magaly! Please share with our guests a brief introduction to your role. What is it that you do day to day?

As Hotel Manager, my remit involves looking after hotel operations (this includes helping the reception and reservations team), restaurant coordination and revenue management. I also work with our marketing team and take responsibility for human resources – I get to support not only the team, but day to day comings and goings, training, coaching and best of all – meeting our guests! No two days are the same in this industry, and I love that there is such variety. It is very satisfying that I get to ensure high standards across the hotel and restaurant.


How long have you worked at the Queensberry hotel and Olive Tree restaurant?

I took up my position in July 2017, so I have been here quite a while now! I was familiar with many hotels in Bath before taking on the role, but I knew that the Queensberry was perfect for me as it is family run and unlike anywhere else in the city.


We know you have a wealth of experience in hospitality. What drew you to this role?

As I have said before, the draw for me was that it is a small family business with no shortage of different tasks! I like to be challenged. I previously worked in large international hotel chains and while they were great places to develop my knowledge and learn new skills, I struggled to make a real impact on the business. Here at the Queensberry however, that is not the case. I find it more rewarding and motivating to work with the owners of the business directly; here I can work with the entire team and have a direct impact on the achievements and results of the hotel and restaurant.


What aspect of your job do you love the most?

Being passionate about what I do makes my job a lot easier, but it can be challenging when difficult situations and full days make an appearance. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving compliments about the customer service delivered by my team when guests had a query; knowing we did all we could and managed to turn around a situation into a successful stay will always make me think that this is the reason why we work so hard, making people happy!


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Magaly! Hopefully you feel like you have learned a little but more about our Hotel Manager. You can meet more of the team by reading their short biographies here. Be sure to watch out for upcoming meet the team blogs.


It’s safe to assume that you are anticipating a visit to Bath – hotels like ours are few and far between. Stay at the Queensberry and make your getaway one of luxury and exemplary service. Book direct today.