If you are looking for boutique places to stay in Bath, then look no further. Just as our property is unique, so too are our staff and we are lucky enough to have loyal team members who love the hotel just as much as our guests. We thought it was the perfect time, what with it being spring and all, to talk housekeeping with cleaning expert Patrycja. You may be surprised to learn just how long she has been working at the hotel… keep reading to find out more about her role. 

Good afternoon Patrycja. Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to talk to us! Can you tell us about what your role entails and how long you have worked at the hotel?

I am the assistant housekeeping manager here at the Queensberry in Bath – I have worked here for 14 years. I relocated to England and my friend was already working at the hotel. She decided to start working in the Olive Tree restaurant and so I took over her role – I was drawn to the housekeeping departments and I liked the atmosphere and job details. It is a nice place to work – the people are very friendly, so I stayed! After two years of working here, I was a supervisor and now I have become an assistant manager.

What is an average day like for you?

It depends, some days I am responsible for checking rooms, some days I help the team with cleaning them. There are times when I organise the toiletries and other tasks but now most days I hoover, clean all the public spaces and then I move onto rooms. It depends on what needs to be done that day, but my role primarily covers public areas and rooms. When I am doing my checks, I make sure that I make a list of who needs to do what – I like the allocating side of my role too as I can get everything organised and tell people where they need to be and advise on any extra jobs. 

What elements of your job do you love the most?

I love the building, the people and I like cleaning and checking – I take a lot of pride in what I do. When I came to England my English wasn’t the best, but step by step I gradually learned. I have very high standards and I like that I can make sure the spaces are the best they can be – whether that is cleaning myself or overseeing my checklist.

If you can, describe the hotel in 3 words for us.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Boutique hotels are very special. If you have a favourite room, can you tell us what it is?

That’s easy; number 10. The colour is dark blue and it’s tucked away. I feel really good when I am in there because of the colour and decoration. There is something about the décor that makes me feel happy and relaxed – all the rooms are beautiful but yes, number 10 is my personal favourite.

Having spoken to our team, it is clear to see that our standards are high and our townhouse setting makes us one of the most unique places to stay in Bath. Book direct today.