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The bespoke, the personal, the tailored: because we specialise in the special anyway, we’re perfectly suited to meeting and exceeding your out-of-the-ordinary needs. So we strongly urge you to keep us in mind for that big event, whether it’s a meeting of colleagues, a celebration among friends or family, or a large private dinner.

The kind of relaxed attentiveness, flexibility and high quality which, we hope, you associate with The Queensberry anyway, applies equally to these events.

You tell us what you would like, we do our very best to make it happen: not magic, exactly, but still special…

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Hold your meeting with us and enjoy a fabulous day with your delegates in the heart of the city centre.

Private Dining

Drumstick the Cat, a feline fool for our food’s overwhelming deliciousness, is no stranger to lurking with intent in the vicinity of The Olive Tree. But (unlike you, your friends, families or colleagues) opportunist cats are unable* to take advantage

Exclusive Use

Don’t worry about this rather officious-looking fellow, his bark’s worse than his bite. He’s really only interested in keeping out the uninvited (and meat-stealing cats). Think, instead, about a fantastic private party: one in a rather lovely and stylish, if

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