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  • Gold for The Olive Tree


    Gold for The Olive Tree Our Restaurant, The Olive Tree has been awarded Gold in the 2014 Taste of the West Awards Restaurant category. The Taste of the West Awards is designed to celebrate the fabulous food and drink that The Westcountry… Read More

  • The Greenest in Bath…


    The Greenest in Bath… Here at The Queensberry, we’re pretty passionate about The Environment and being green is one of many things we strive to achieve each day in our quest for the best guest experience. Therefore, we were thrilled to have been announced as the only establishment in Bath… Read More

  • A rare hotel


    A rare hotel The Arbuturian, a daily online magazine providing said our menu is “tantalising to read and even more pleasing to taste”, that “attention to detail and friendly, helpful staff are big selling points . one feels looked after at every point of the stay” and that we’re a… Read More

  • Consistent Excellence…


    Consistent Excellence… We’re not ones to brag.but it’s only right to inform you that we, The Queensberry Hotel, have been honoured by Tripadvisor as “an exceptional business for consistent excellence”. Really, need we say anymore. Read our amazing reviews here >… Read More

  • There’s no such thing as bad publicity.


    There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Especially when it’s good publicity. We’re happy to feature in a blog which, while ostensibly lauding our lampshades, purrs winningly about our style and our website. So thanks, Lush Designs, from the home of the ‘little dancing purple feller’. Read More

  • Another month, another award…


    Another month, another award… We’re thrilled skinny, tickled pink and giddy as goats to learn we are Bath Life’s Restaurant of the Year, 2011! We know how high the Bath bar is set, so to speak, when it comes to fine dining, which is why this award is as meaningful… Read More

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