Mary Shelley’s House of frankenstein

Bath’s very own beautiful Monster

           Frankenstein was born in Bath!

Mary Shelley was living here in 1816 when she wrote what many refer to as the first science fiction novel.

Part-museum, part-immersive experience, Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein is in turn entertaining, unnerving, dark, multi-sensory and illuminating. Spread over four floors of a Grade II listed townhouse, there’s a dark, forbidding basement, an eerie attic and, in between, rooms to escape and to experience, and rooms in which to meet Frankenstein’s 8ft monster, as created by Mary Shelley in her groundbreaking novel.

Parents who wonder if it’s a suitable trip for young children might be best advised to check the website and decide for themselves. Their own words mention “ominous audio and visual effects, darkened environments and some scenes of a disturbing nature” which some might decide sounds like a night out in Bath (and therefore inappropriate for the very young).

Like the House of Frankenstein, The Queensberry Hotel is also set in an imposing and impressive Georgian townhouse, but the similarities end there, as we try and avoid dampness, darkness and a sense of foreboding. Instead, we offer excellent service, modern amenities, and the kind of beautifully (individually) designed rooms you would expect to find in a luxury boutique hotel.

And our own basement is, of course, the site not of anguish and fear, but of the only Michelin star restaurant in Bath. So if you’re looking to stay at luxury hotel near Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, why not check what we have available and make a booking?