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Living Wage

Here at The Queensberry Hotel and Olive Tree Restaurant, we are as proud as punch to be a Living Wage Employer.

This accreditation is something that is very close to our hearts and deeply important to us, particularly being a hospitality business based here in the South West (a region where almost a fifth of all jobs – 18.1% – pay less than the real Living Wage – which equates to around 424,000 jobs). We are a multi-award-winning business only because of our team, without them, we would not have these shiny accolades. We recognise that at the core of our success is our shared commitment to the most critical element within this business, that is our 40-strong team. Many of whom have been with us for many years and we plan on keeping them with us for many more. To do this, we need to wholeheartedly nurture a supportive environment where achievements are constantly recognised and celebrated, as well as deliver a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work (something we’re all too familiar with and never shy away from).

The real Living Wage is the only rate calculated according to the costs of living. It provides a voluntary benchmark for employers that wish to ensure their staff earn a wage they can live on, not just the government minimum. Since 2011 the Living Wage movement has delivered a pay rise to over 300,000 people and put over £1.6 billion extra into the pockets of low paid workers.

Let’s keep this momentum going.