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Feel perfectly at home yet utterly indulged. Boutique Hotels Near Bath Abbey


Don’t just stay at ‘a hotel near Bath Abbey’. Relax at the luxury boutique Queensbury Hotel. You will enjoy impeccable service twinned with the very finest Michelin-rated dining experience, all housed in the lavish surrounds of a decidedly upmarket Georgian townhouse. View our rooms at the bottom of this page or follow the link above.

The interiors include all the stately trappings one would expect from a luxury boutique hotel. High ceilings you say? Yes, we have an abundance. Decorative fireplaces? Yes, yes, but we are not just focused on Bath’s old-money charm; our furnishings are designed to meet the 21st century urbanites needs too.

Stylish yet relaxing, our chic boutique is just a stone’s throw from Bath’s Circus, the Assembly Rooms, and we rank among the finest hotels near Bath Abbey.

If you are new to Bath, be sure to visit Bath Abbey. The Abbey offers special moments of stillness in the beating heart of a vibrant city. The history of Bath Abbey stretches as far back as Anglo-Saxon times, but the space is still very much alive with music and prayer, art and history.

If you want to go on adventures tailored to your tastes, we create personalised, immersive journeys for discerning travellers looking to connect with Bath’s rich heritage.

Hotels Near Bath Abbey, The Queensbury Hotel

On that note, you may be interested to know the Queensbury Hotel, as the former home to the 8th Marquess of Queensberry, is steeped in its own history. You can feel the unique character of the space from the moment you step foot inside the building.

There are so many details to enjoy, from the jaunty prints and ‘New Queensbury Rules’ in the Q Bar, to quirky wallpaper in the elegantly designed bedrooms. The whole layout is connected by a delightfully British maze of staircases.

There are many hotels close to Bath Abbey …but none quite like the Queensbury Hotel.

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