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The Bath Voice

Of course, if it's serried ranks of tourist leaflets in a plastic rack you crave, we can probably oblige. But to know a place well is to have access to privileged information (to know it properly, we mean, in a way that's more than first-left-then-second-right). So do ask.

Whether it's where to find the finest handmade chocolates, the perfect hand-pulled local pint, a fantastic Thai meal, the loveliest underwear, or the most fascinating antiques or jewels: just ask.

Whilst Bath is amongst the dreamiest possible places simply to wander and find your own sweet way, there is no harm in being privy to a little insider info, and our concierge is the key. Having spent days trawling the streets finding food and drink venues, great places to relax and be pampered, unique Bath gems and city sights, we can be sure to let you in on where to find the best the city has to offer.

When you arrive just make sure you ask the Concierge for a copy of the semi-secret document!